03 November 2008

Random Weekend Events

Here's a little photo review from the last few days. I spent Saturday working on the world's coolest outhouse. My instruction manual says the hole needs to be 4'11"(!?) deep. I gave up at about 4 and a half feet. My pottery sits on ancient riverbed...compacted sand and clay makes for tough digging. More on this later.

Anna turned 30 and once again, Kathy Harrigan, queen of the baked goods, provided excellent dessert for us. Anna is the reason that I have websites and a blog...my technical expert...and a fine friend. Anna sometimes visits and 'corrects' my blogs....if her picture disappears you'll know who did it!
Merri had a birthday too...age is just a number, girl!

The carrots and rabbit are made from marzipan. Edible art is alive and well in the 'Burg!

Last, but not least, here are Gabriel Pons and Diego...we had a sweet baby shower for the boys and especially Scarlett, who is close to birthing baby #2.


Hollis Engley said...

Is there room for the full version of the OED in there? 'Cause if there's not ... you might want to add an ante-room.

klineola said...

Nice pot-ty.