13 December 2011

Pots, Pets and Poultry

Lots of big ash on a standard size teapot.
A beekeeper needs to make honey pots
Small teapot
Standard Teapot
Miss Moneypenny chillin'
They came from the woods and through the grass. Runaway chickens


cookingwithgas said...

Chicken run! Those girls know they are safe at your place.
I like the honey pot- seems those are jumping back in favor.
Cheers Dan!

smartcat said...

Misread it as Runway Chickens...immediate visions of chicken high fashion. What do you consider a standard size teapot?

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Those run away chickens can be a real bugger, especially if they are your chickens that ran away. And as smartcat said, what do you consider a standard size teapot?

Lori Buff said...

I like the second handle on the standard teapot. Great design idea.

John Bauman said...

I've been, quite honestly, to overcome to post anything for your past three entries. Those are some of the most beautiful, creative, moving pots I've seen all year.