21 September 2012

Treats from a Scottish Lassie

Only Hannah would think to send me whiskey flavored tea...2 of my major food groups! Thank-you, dear! It is tasty, although not overly reeking of scotch.
Clay box totem....the empties


Christine said...

I can't think where Hannah found Whisky flavoured tea! I do like your flattened bottle shapes. Just perfect for Whisky tea in fact.
Dear Dan, I have to tell you that your link to my blog at BarnbarroCH Pottery is mis spelt and must have been for ages. But what is really weird, is that barnbarroCK pottery (which is how you spelt it), now links to some strange person who seems to have set up a random blog page - just to be on the end of it?
Lovely to see you in the summer and enjoy the fall and the long trousers.

gayacac said...

Nice little workshop you got there.....
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Hannah said...

Corr, I've been so little on this planet that I had forgotten entirely that I had sent that. It'll never have seen a whiskey barrel in it's life I'm sure but I thought that you would like the thought.

Quietly Otaku said...

Tea and whiskey, thats just crazy talk!