11 June 2013

Penland Wood Kiln - Casting the Arch

We needed, and got, one good week-end of warmish weather to cast the arch. We moved more than 6 tons of material by hand over 2 days time. A lot of hard labor, but done with great spirit!
Jim from Larkin's special mix.
Applying the first course
The first layer

Working on the tube
Tossing balls of castable
After the second layer
Inside the tube
Applying a wash of neumann's red

Looking out to the knoll, ready for pots!


-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Wow! That looks great, especially with the red. Was that just an aesthetic choice or does it serve some purpose? And when is the first firing?

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks Dan, I remember the old wood kiln...can't wait to see how this one works...looks fantastic!

gz said...