26 May 2008


This has been a nice lazy week so far after 6 somewhat frantic weeks in a row. I’ve been slowly sorting through the new pots from firing #4, checking my notes against the codes I sometimes stamp on my pots. This was an excellent firing, with good reduction and good heat. Lots of rich surfaces, but too many dark clays, slips and glazes. There are some promising results for future work, and as always, I’m anxious to get back to work.

Before I do, I am moving into my new (summer) studio and just today I started putting up the first bits of shelving. It sure looks nice with a few pots on them. I’m going to build a couple of work tables later this week and take some photos of the newest work.

With a week and a half before heading to the beach, I’m not inclined to start any big project, just a bunch of small stuff.

The weather continues to be glorious...the nicest spring I can remember here in the Old Dominion.

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