28 May 2008

Libertytown Gala

Last week we celebrated our 5th anniversary at LibertyTown with a Friday night ‘Gala’ and a whole day of hands-on activities for families on Saturday. I didn’t really know what to expect, but we were overwhelmed by the hundreds of visitors and the tremendous enthusiasm they brought. We had great food and great music including the debut of the Fredericksburg Harpers and some lively tunes from Ed Dickerson on fiddle and Elliot Curry on guitar - at one point almost 50 people in the gallery were belting out a Beatle’s song while they played!! Maybe it was the Sangria, but I think it was just a really good time.


Sl8ofHand said...

Nice photos!

ntrenis said...

I think the gala was one of the most fun nights I have ever spent in the Burg! Good people (in fancy duds, no less!), good music, beautiful surroundings. It was really special.