10 December 2008

(Don't) Steal This Book

Don't buy it either...
I was very excited to spot this new book that claimed to tell the story of 'Dave the Slave'. Seldom do I pay full price for a book, but this promised to be fascinating, because, to the best of my knowledge, very little was known about this unique and wonderful pot maker.
Sadly, I find the book unreadable. The author's family once owned Dave (or so he says) and, perhaps to assuage his guilt, he moved back to the south to research and write this book. There is so little known about Dave, that this guy decided he would make it up. I've never seen a book that uses the words " might have; perhaps; maybe; if: may have; I suspect;" in almost every sentence. He even produces several pages of a family tree that is based entirely on the author's imagination. Maybe I wouldn't be so bothered if this was sold as fiction, but the title clearly says "The Life and Legend..." A legend is a story passed down from the past, not the fantasies of 21st century author.
I'll happily send it out to one of my readers...perhaps I should ask for a pot in return...a second would be appropriate!
(Tip o' the hat to Abbie Hoffman for the title)


Ron said...

Thanks for the heads up. That's disappointing for sure.

klineola said...

Stacey had just told me about the book and for some reason I was skeptical just from the title. Ever since Mark Hewitt had written in the Potter's Eye that Dave the slave's name was actually Dave Drake, I cringe when I hear the former. Thanks for the tip. If I know you I'd say you have a few more books to review. This was good, but what will your noext review be?

Dan Finnegan said...

I'm currently reading "Confederates in the Attic...Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War". Being a Yankee living below the Mason-Dixon line, I'm forever fascinated by the culture of the south.

Jenny Pease said...


Thanks for the heads up on he book. I had heard about it and was thinking about recommending it for one of my book clubs.

FYI, I saw your teapot collaborations at the Target Gallery last night. Very nice work.

Hope all is well.