09 December 2008

Emporium Report

I'm just now feeling like my old self again after a grueling week and a half spent transforming our gallery into our new 'Emporium'. I filled my trailer twice with furniture from Ikea and then spent days assembling...with the help of Beth and Elliot. Once we had the display in place Susan Wyatt then came and worked her magic, combining the beautiful work of more than 30 different artists into a cohesive and stunning display. Then it was time to open to the public. For the few loyal supporters who make up the 'Friends of LibertyTown' (we need more friends! who doesn't?) we had a preview last Thursday night. A small but enthusiastic group attended and everyone seemed happy with the changes. That was followed by our monthly First Friday opening AND our annual 'Student Pottery Sale'. We were mobbed and sales were fantastic. Saturday we were visited by a couple of dozen enthusiastic middle school art students who belong to an after school program. They ate, had a visit in the weaver's studio, took our scavenger hunt and then I did a demo for them on the wheel. Great kids with interesting questions and lots of curiosity. Days like that are a good reminder of why I continue the struggle to keep our doors open.
By the time the kids left I was fried and I haven't been very productive since. Lots of tea drinking by the fireplace and general clearing up of the various and sundry piles that always seem to accumulate on each and every horizontal surface I own.
Brisk sales continued all weekend and we are very pleased at the initial reaction to this new idea. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop in!


Hollis Engley said...

Looks fabulous, Dan. L-town just became the coolest store in town.

klineola said...

Great idea. I'm assming that the inventory is from tenants of Liberty Town? It looks great and I'm glad for your success. Coming to Penland this winter???

cookingwithgas said...

What a beautiful transformation- warm and inviting.