05 June 2009

Monday through Friday

With firing # 7 coming up on Monday, I've been trying to keep my focus on loading and all the bits and pieces that come with this step in the process. But the rain has been torrential...biblical...relentless... and disconcerting. We've had something like 8" of rain or more...day after day. Midweek we had crazy rain and 'popcorn' sized hail. The road in to my studio is always a challenge...1 mile of dirt road potholes. But now there are large stretches of flowing water.

Everything is damp...the wood, the kiln, the pots and the wadding doesn't dry out but I'm soldiering on just the same. Below is a shot of the bagwall with a barnacle encrusted pot made by Mike from Culpepper.

The back stack of the salt chamber.

Front stack of the salt chamber.

I'm firing Monday...or maybe Tuesday!?

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