13 June 2009

A Well-Soaked Kiln

I began loading the kiln early last week. Almost every day was marked by torrential rain with more than 12" in 10 days time! One day we had 5" in 24 hours. Much of it was accompanied by lightening and thunder storms and on two occasions hail. It made for a disconcerting week. Sometimes the noise on my tin roof was so intense that I'd end up staring out at it instead of working. Difficult to concentrate.
So Tuesday was the day to fire, and the rain kept us company that day as well. We often get dramatic weather in the summer...as the heat and humidity rise through the day it will build to a dramatic storm towards evening. Tuesday the first storm began at 7AM (unheard of!), 3 hours into the firing. An hour and a half of crazy rain. I was feeling smug that I've built such a grand kiln shed so that survival was possible in these conditions.
By the evening the rain returned with a vengeance...2 more hours of insanity.
There is no doubt that this effected the chimney and it's ability to draw. In spite of it and the challenge to stay on task with such distractions, the firing, I am pleased to report, was fabulous.
Here are too many photos. I'll write more tonight about my trip to England that begins tomorrow. Thanks to Stephanie for the outdoor photos.

I pulled these reduction cones out after they melted and the one covered in carbon was a worry. It led to some very dry surfaces illustrated by the pot below.

Wood chamber pots.


My new iMugs!

My first bird!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I'm so glad you're pleased with the results of this firing, especially with the worry of how the weather would affect it. Congratulations and bon voyage. We'll miss you, but know this will be a great trip for you!

Hannah said...

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

hey the cracked bird got fired! a nice load it looks like, love the mugs... got a lot of action in that kiln

Hollis Engley said...

That does look like a lovely firing, Daniel. Congratulations. And I remember those Virginia skies; we used to call them Wizard of Oz skies. Say hello to our friends in the UK. Have a great visit.

Sl8ofHand said...