31 October 2009

Culpepper Purple Stone

Putting down a good bed of gravel in the kiln shed has been one of many items stuck on my list for years...thanks to Mr. Michael Littlefield I can finally cross it off (NEVER use pea gravel underfoot, friends...it forever shifts beneath your feet). Purple stone is an extravagance, but I'm a sucker for pretty things.

This has been a big week for projects including this lightweight cover for our tile making operation. The mortuary table, full of wet clay, is underneath.

Every Halloween for years Laura Shepherd creates a paper mache sculpture at the entrance to Downtown Greens, the community garden that she founded There have been giant pumpkins and witches and bats and spiders and plenty of other scary icons. A couple of years ago I rear ended a fellow with my car because I had turned to see what she was making that year. Art can be dangerous!

Many years ago a consortium of friends rented this warehouse together. God help us if we ever have to move!

Tomorrow's blog promises to break new ground...

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Hannah said...

Oh I'd like to be let lose in that warehouse, what a fabulous treasure trove!