12 February 2012

Winter Work

I'm working on taking the wings off into space. 5"h
We've barely had a winter this year until this weekend, when temperatures plummeted and a dusting of snow fell, exciting the locals into another bread and milk frenzy. We are desperate to have a good ol' panic here in Dixie.

I liked the grid pattern that appeared on the roof
After finishing all of the 1/2 pound test pots I very logically moved on to making some (for me) huge pots...10 - 20 pound pots. I've got me a second wheel and a propane weed burner and I'm having a nerve racking blast. I made 4 more beauties today (not pictured) and I'll spend a few days finishing them off. That makes 13, which, if I kept them all, would go a long way towards filling a kiln.
I have a Greek friend who spent his teens making pots in a factory there that made reproductions by hand for the tourist trade. He was amazed that I made plates and bowls and jugs and teapots...in his world each potter specialized in a particular form and scale. Tony made 6 different 2 lb. vases and couldn't imagine making something else.
My point is ...how cool is it that we can shift gears so drastically and find pleasure in exploring all kinds of form and scale. I'll never really be a 'big pot' maker, but I like the challenge and this weekend has been a blast.
There's a 'drinking bowl' from my tests to compare.
Once I get these finished I'll get down to more usual things. My hands are chapped and raw and I'm ready for more.


Hollis Engley said...

That bottom one looks like a big'un.

Lorraine said...

That large one is a beauty but it must be heavy. How do you move it?

Dennis Allen said...

The big pot mania is spreading. Glad to see some birds returning for an early spring.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Birds! The birds are back! Love 'em!

Unknown said...

Agree with Patricia....Yippee, the birds are back!!

Joe Troncale said...

I am amazed at your skill throwing those large pots.
Your point is also well taken that, unlike your Greek potter friend, we are fortunate to be able to do pretty much what we wish to make. It is quite a privlege.

cookingwithgas said...

does this mean it will be an early spring? We laugh at Old Man winter this year he must have gone over the seas to give our share away.
The wee test pot looks like a cookie cutter next to the big boy.
Some days I would like to be payed to just make bottles....