17 August 2012

Moving Forward While Looking Back

(As you may recall, I sometimes suffer from some critter nibbling on my pots...I often blame the mice, but now here's an interesting one...that hole beneath the beak was not there when I left for the summer! You can see the bits on the books below, but I'm guessing that a flying critter bored its way through. It's almost a perfect hole!)
Tracheotomy bird!
I've been home for 2 weeks and I'm just now beginning to feel like I'm finding my groove again. I am feeling some pressure to be productive immediately with The "POTTERY ON THE HILL" show coming up at the end of October. I'd like to fire as close to the end of September as possible and that means making plenty of pots between now and then. It hasn't been as dreadfully hot as July was, but I still feel listless and unmotivated. Today was an excellent day, though, and the week-end weather looks promising.

I have lots of photos from my journey that I haven't posted, so I may include a few more as the days go by. Starting at the end and moving back to front.

The morning after Toff and I did Potfest we took the scenic route back home, first enjoying our breakfast amidst 'Long Meg and her Daughters' (an ancient stone circle that was once credited to the druids, but that has been refuted. Still I love the sign!) and then visiting a flour mill driven by an old water wheel. We then drove along the eastern edge of the Yorkshire Dales, which might also be called the Pennines, a beautiful and unexpected landscape.
That's Long Meg on the left..the skinny tall one.
 What can I say about a brew with this name. There are those who claim that I am bottle-conditioned. I'm certainly conditioned to a certain bottle. Speaking of which, it's just about that time!


gz said...

A good find, that bottle!

cookingwithgas said...

Nice to have a brew named after you, nice.
the hole- a real puzzle since it seems if it was a bird the piece might be cracked?
It is a mystery and you need to set up and Nanny Cam just to see what kind of party is going on when you are not there.

Hollis Engley said...

Good to have you back on this side of the water, Daniel.

smartcat said...

That hole is weird! I second Meredith; buy, rent of borrow a nanny cam.
Envy among the beer drinkers in this house that you found a beer with your name on it!