05 August 2012

The Ken and Cousin Vernon Show(s)

"THE BARRELS"                                                     

After taking some of the photos of the lads drinking cider, I stole a few random video moments, keeping the camera in my hand by my side. The subjects are all over the place, from local gossip to wartime stories, but it's the language and the music of their Gloucestershire accents that really gets to me! Turn up the volume!

"TUTORING GEORGE"                                            

"CUTTING HAIR IN KOREA"                                  

"VERNON GETS A DOG"                             




Ron said...

That was fun to hear.

Dennis Allen said...

Love the titles!

imagine said...

Thanks for capturing a little piece of English history Dan.
But I'm sure the 'dodgy' camera angles are because you are laying on the floor 'half pissed'.

Mark Hodgkinson said...

Thanks Dan, Nice to here some old timers from a time long gone! The cider is working it's magic. "Drink Up Lads!" Tell us another story.

Liberty Stoneware said...

Fantastic videos, Dan! Thanks for sharing! I especially enjoy the look the guy gives you at the end of "Cutting Hair in Korea" and the guys trying to remember the names of the people in "Tutoring George" - "what's her bloody name?" - glad you're enjoying the locals!

doug Fitch said...

:-D priceless!

I hope you're settling back in. It was brilliant to see you. I decorated all your pots the other day, I'll keep you posted of progress

Quietly Otaku said...

I'm always amazed at how many accents there are in the UK considering we're such a tiny island!