01 October 2008

Lidded Jars

I've been saying for some time that the wider I get, the wider my pots get (or maybe it's the other way around). Either way, I like these sturdy round forms. The taller ones in the background are better for a kitchen counter, but I guess in the end I prefer the presence of the wide boys.
I received an impressive package of material from Gail Turner today. Gail and few other Cape Cod potters have been organizing a big exhibition to be held next spring at The Cape Cod Museum of Art. I am judging the show for them and there are almost 500 photos submitted by potters and ceramic artists from all over the Cape! I have a nice connection to the Cape via my potter friend Hollis Engley and I think that this will be an interesting challenge. This is an unusual show for the Museum and should be a big deal for all involved.

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Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Interesting theory on body type and pot size... Is that why I can't seem to throw any tall, lean, elegant forms??? Ha!... Those wide jars look great! The perfect size for a ton of cookies.