21 September 2008


If I had a list of favorite words, 'Autumnal' would certainly be in the top 10. I do have a list of favorite seasons (it's a whole lot easier) and autumn has always been at the top. Now I know why...I looked it up in my American Heritage Dictionary and the second explanation is too close for comfort..."2. A period of maturity verging on decline". I fear that I've become autumnal myself!
After spending a few weeks making some bigger, fussier pots I've taken a break by throwing lots of smaller pots. That's where I'm most comfortable and I think it's a good thing that I can still find a lot of pleasure exploring the little nuances that each piece allows. I also like making pots that I'm pretty certain people will use. Michael Kline raises a great point in his blog today about making 'useful' pots and I know exactly what he's talking about. How many people are really going to use the teapot I made that they might have paid several hundred dollars for?
Mugs, on the other hand, continue to be accessible and here in the 'Burg there is something like a cult regarding them. I reckon I've made close to 10,000 of them since I began!

This little candlestick is new for me...they will fit everywhere in the kiln and will be useful for testing glazes. Anyone else out there sell their glaze tests?


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Don't know much about you, Dan, other than what what I've read on your blog... But I can't say there's anything that would indicate "verging on decline"!!!

Instead, it's all about new work, new ideas, humor, sharing your experience with others, commitment to the art/craft. No decline!

On the glaze tests, I was making little bowls and trying out different glaze combos on them. It's time for another round when I get back into the studio.

Dan Finnegan said...

I guess I woke up feeling particularly 'creaky' yesterday, and the definition seemed apropos. And I'm a little freaked out about nearing my mid-50's!