10 September 2008

Rye Arts Center

This is a group of teapots I'll be packing up today to ship for an upcoming exhibition called "Southern Exposure: Atmospheric Pots and the Penland Connection". This show is part of a county wide celebration of clay arts organized by Westchester Arts Council.
Years ago I was invited to be part of an exhibition of 'southern' potters. It really gave me pause...I was born and raised in Buffalao N.Y., and while it is true that my entire professional career has been spent in the south, I still identify myself as a 'yankee', so it was interesting to be given a new label...one I have since embraced.
Here's The Rye Arts Center link.


Unknown said...

You should know I've received endless compliments on my DF coffee mugs at Pratt.

Keith said...

looking forward to checking out the show when i stop by my folks house down the road next month.