16 September 2008

Setting the Date

I spent the day hauling wood with Beth Jordan, who's worked with me for the last year or more. She is good company and we got a lot done today. The next firing will be #5 and I'm still figuring out new 'rules' such as...get the wood cut and under cover one month before firing. I've been avoiding setting a date, but as she and I talked today, it seemed clear that the weekend of October 17,18,19 was the right one. So now to buckle down and get some serious pot making done. Nothing like a deadline for incentive.
For years I fired a small gas kiln a couple of times a month and I was forever setting a firing date and then putting it off at the last minute...for a day or three. But like most wood kilns, there is a lot of coordination involved now as I prevail upon friends to help out. So I can't be quite so cavalier about timing.

Here are some finished pots that I showed in an earlier stage. I raw glaze so they are ready to go now. I really like that. I do biscuit fire some pots to use with a crackle slip...I'd like to figure out how to get the same surface on greenware, but until then, it works.

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