14 September 2008

Toff Milway

I've been slacking off on my blogging duties, mostly because I can't find my camera (I think it might have been lifted from my car, but I'd still like to think that I just left it somewhere). I have been busy in my studio, but I'll use today's musings to introduce you to my best friend and the best salt glaze potter I know, Toff Milway. We met at Winchcombe in 1978 and no one has had more influence on me and my work. Toff and Ray Finch had a unique working relationship... I think Ray really admired Toff's technical mind and they would talk for hours, offering questions and possible answers about a variety of technical problems. This was particularly true with the new salt kiln ("Peardrop") that the three of us spent many of our free hours working on. I will tell many more stories about 'Milway' as time goes by. Below is part of the beautiful Cotswold stone cottage and pottery that the Milway family has maintained for many years. The rest is a sampling of work.

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