29 September 2008

Award Winning Baked Goods

Kathy Harrigan is an enabler. Perhaps my biggest gustatory weakness is any kind of homemade pie, cookie, sweet bread or cake. Kathy has won numerous prizes at the Virginia State Fair for her baking and I am proud to say that have been an official taste tester and 'critic' of hers for many years! She took one first place this year (an off year for her) for her gluten-free peanut butter cookies. Yesterday she came to LibertyTown with a cornucopia of baked goods. In preparation for the Fair she bakes lots of different variations, submits her best and shares the rest! So here is Kathy with a chiffon cake followed by a 'hot milk' cake with raspberries and then a carrot cake. Next are this year's prize winners followed by little jelly buttery gems (I've forgotten their proper name) and then her famous lemon bars. That's Neal Reed in the background, enjoying some cake. Happy Birthday, Neal!
When I closed my old pottery on Hanover Street, Kathy made cookies in the shape of several of my 'classic' forms. What an honor!


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Hollis Engley said...

The pots are all packed. Truck's gassed up. See you Thursday. Don't eat all the cookies.