25 September 2012

Pottery on the Hill


We have a nifty new website that you should take a look at. The show is just about a month away and I imagine kilns being fired from Minnesota to Massachusetts and south to North Carolina via Pa., Md. and old Virginny. Check out the ad in Ceramics Monthly! Tell your friends!                               

21 September 2012

Treats from a Scottish Lassie

Only Hannah would think to send me whiskey flavored tea...2 of my major food groups! Thank-you, dear! It is tasty, although not overly reeking of scotch.
Clay box totem....the empties

14 September 2012

Long Trousers

Autumn has always been my favorite season and it arrived in serious fashion this week...bright clear skies, cool crisp air, geese flying in from the north, squirrels gathering nuts, apples at the farmers market, and the harvest just begun. In our part of the world most fields are planted in soybeans and corn and they are the first things to change color...the leaves on the trees will soon follow. I am never more energized than at this time of year. And that's a good thing because i have lots to do. I'm winding up my making list today before turning to glazing and kiln loading....the "Pottery on the Hill" Show is coming quick and there is much to accomplish by then.
This is the first time this field of wildflowers has appeared
I really like this teapot...scritchy, scratchy
now that the weather has turned it's whiskey (single malt scotch, please) season

I haven't made a cider jar in years...thinking of Ray
empty boxes
I'm always happy to put the shorts away and break out my blue jeans!

10 September 2012

First Friday September

This was a large art weekend in our fair city, starting with our opening reception for our friend and former intern, Sarah Perry. Titled "Curios", Sarah's work are close-up photos of a variety of objects that are printed on round aluminum plates. She also included some small sculptural work which I've yet to photograph. It was a great night  with plenty of folks joining us for our monthly fun and games.

These are details of my work
 "little" Beth Sperlazza, our artist-in-residence, is developing a new body of work and I'm excited to see the results of her exploration. We've had a number of red clay potmakers visit the art center lately and she has been 'infected' by their work! (with apologies to Ron, Doug and Hannah!). Below are a few of her latest.

This young lady visits every first Friday and gives the best hugs! 
Me and Sarah
So, that was Friday. Next up, "Art Attack"!