25 August 2013

British Birds

    Well, I am back home (again!) and, after 4 months on the road this year I am ready to hunker down and make things!!! I am in a serious organizing mode since my return, but I must get a bag of clay opened soon and see what happens.    
    I saw so many old pots on my trip to England that it's hard to remember any one in particular. Maybe that's a good thing...I'm looking for inspiration not reproduction. I will be posting photos from London for a bit, starting with birds and bird parts. There are a few Martin Brothers' pieces included. They were my original jumping off point, but I enjoy all the different variations...I think of looking at old pots as building an encyclopedia of form and surface to feed my own creative ideas.

Church Pulpit, Overbury Church

My first bird with book in hand.
A gem of a bird.
Outer space bird?
Dead bird society.

So, it's not really a bird...
Bird, woman, dog???