16 October 2013

# 15

Too much time has passed to catch you up since my last posting. Let's just say that 'retirement' so far seems just as hectic as ever. The transition from 'Art Center Director' to full-time potter is still quite new. Once my travelling shoes were returned to the closet I had to go on an accelerated making regime in order to get a firing in before the 2nd annual "POTTERY ON THE HILL" show in Washington, DC (our nation's capitol!). I made plenty of pots and cleared out a few old things that have been lying around the studio (I think that there is still a serving dish from 2007 on the shelves.) Jason has also returned for a month or so before he moves back to NC to work with Michael and Naomi at Bandana Pottery and he has been a great help getting to this point. We still have to brick the doors up, which I despise, but otherwise we are ready to light up the kiln on Friday evening.

Bagwall Tiles and dishes.
Back stack / first chamber
First chamber done
I'm very excited about these new dishes and tiles... thick and rough!
Back stack - 2nd chamber
Front stack - second chamber
400 pots or so and lots of hope and expectation. A message from my friend Jill has prompted me to get back on the computer and write this here blog. I'm always amazed at the folks who say they read this, so, if that happens to be you, thanks! And how are you doing?!