12 October 2009

West (by God) Virginia

I took a drive yesterday to visit Gary Roper at his Washington Street Gallery in Lewisburg, WV. I needed to pick up leftover pots in advance of my trip later this week to New York for the Westchester Craft Show. It is 201 miles each way and takes me from just about sea level here in the Rappahanock River Valley over the Blue Ridge Mountains (4,000+ft.), down into the Shenandoah Valley and up over the Allegheny Mountains. The weather was perfect and the mountains are newly kissed with a rusty red color. I do like to drive, it gives me the space to let my mind wander and there seems to be a lot to wander through these days. Among other things, I'm giving a talk at the show this week on my 'Green' pottery practices and I'm still working out my message.

What a simple and profound sign!

West Virginia is easy to poke fun at...$100.00 is big bucks!

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klineola said...

Gary loves to drive, too! He just came to my place to hand deliver the pots from the show. We had a nice tour of the kiln, studio, showroom and talked about pots, music, and the road. He headed back. Safe travels, guys.