23 May 2010

Riverpots and A Fundraiser

Just yesterday Ron Philbeck posted a photo on his blog of his pots in action in a customers home. This photo also arrived at my computer yesterday, taken down by the Rappahannock River by a customer that visited LibertyTown. She said she couldn't decide on one pot, so bought four. I like that kind of indecision!Like Ron, I've always enjoyed getting these random photos of my pots out in the world, doing their job.
We also held our second annual Patron Show Fundraiser at LibertyTown Friday night. Our second big success! We borrowed this idea from the Torpedo Factory and it has quickly become a very popular event. 56 different artists donated a piece of work and then we sold 56 tickets...in 3 days! The idea then is that each patron must rank the work in order of preference because, at the Big Event, we draw names from a pot and as each number is drawn, that person gets to pick any piece in the show! I can't tell you how much fun this night was...the energy in the gallery was palpable, full of expectation and hope and a little tension! I love this photo below, even though it's out of focus. As each piece is selected, everyone is checking their lists to see where that was on their own list and checking it off. Can you see the couple who already have their choice in hand?
We got half a dozen emails yesterday thanking us for a good time and requesting that we have a party after...they don't want the fun to stop! We will mull that one over...we are usually pretty worn out by the end of any of our events at the center, but it's hard to deny the public more fun! We are very grateful to all of you who support us at Libertytown. Thank-you.


Ron said...

Thanks for the hyperlink Dan. I'm interested in this Fundraiser. I am going to mention it to our Arts Council, it sounds like something that would work well for us. How much was your ticket price? Ron

Hollis Engley said...

What, no party? I thought every event there was a party. And that's a nice shot of the pots and the river in the background. Congratulations on the auction's success.

ang design said...

that sounds like a great fundraiser idea and yeh how much were the tickets? love ya pots had a customer do the same yesterday :)

Melissa said...

Hey, Dan! My pots weren't doing their jobs yet...just saying goodbye to Fredericksburg!

Now as I check through your blog I am drinking coffee out of my new mug with my bigger vase about 10 inches away (I'm still "actively" admiring it)... NOW they are doing their jobs :)