22 September 2010

(Re)Quest for Fire!

My friend Ashraf Hanna is studying for a Master's degree at the Royal College in London this year and he has asked me to ask you to send him any "interesting and dramatic photos of fire and firings along with a brief description" that he might include in his dissertation. Here's a good chance to show off some of those great shots you've taken over the years.
Please send them to Ashraf at 
Jennifer Dyson stoking the kiln at Muchelney Pottery.
The start of a 24 hour fire.
Big slabs in the firebox.
My kiln at the start.


brandon phillips said...

wait a minute...since when is the muchelney kiln outside? did they move it? is it new?

Hollis Engley said...

I'm guessing if that shot at Muchelney was taken outside, it was before the new shed was built, but after the fire. Last time we were there, about seven years ago, there was a big kiln shed over it.

gz said...

There should be plenty of picture from the International Potters' Festivals held biennially at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Dan Finnegan said...

Hollis is exactly right. Johnny built his new kiln and later had a fire. Jennifer went to work with him while they were building the current metal shed.

Quietly Otaku said...

I really like the top one, singe your eyebrows off hot!