25 October 2010

5 Weeks To Go

I am certain to have w-a-y too many pots by the time I load the kiln in mid November. That is an ideal situation to pack a kiln...lots of choices. So I'm feeling no pressure and really getting lots thrown. I finished up these cups and have since thrown larger bowls, 1 pint jugs, large casseroles, a few cups and saucers, 4 storage jars and couple of 9 lb. vases. Oh, what fun!
Paul,  Emily and Ellie's porch!

This is a famous bowl of Michael Cardew's, followed by my interpretation. Winchcombe makes a rounder version. Mine needs up a little more angular. You'll see what I mean when I trim them.


gz said...

That is an inspiring bowl (saw the MC exhibition in Bristol in 1974/5)

cookingwithgas said...

the weeks are flying by!
It is always good to have more pots then space- gives one the need to fire again.

Hollis Engley said...

Good to see you madly making pots, Daniel. I always loved that round serving bowl of yours.

Quietly Otaku said...

Great pieces, I love your sgraffito it looks fab! Looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

doug Fitch said...

Just been catching up, my word you have some stunning pots on here DF, beautiful work indeed

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Don't forget to make some shot glasses!