13 October 2011

Fat, Juicy Tiles

I like making almost anything out of clay, and tiles have always been a small part of the body of work I make. For many years I've filled all the random spaces left on a kiln shelf after the pots are set with small 2" square tiles. And they've ended up in showers and kitchens and fireplaces all over these parts. I'm now making a more serious effort to make bigger and more massive tile with Jason's help. (In fact, he does most of the work...I'm just the guy with the big idea!).
3" and 4" sq. before the edges are cleaned up.
This is a perfect way to use up reclaim clay. We dry it then bust it up into small chunks and add an inch or so of sawdust before saturating it with water in the mortuary tub behind Jason in the photo below.
We've made a bunch of wooden frames and this batch is being pressed onto a sheet of backer board. I love the grid pattern and the random letters that result. They are 1/2" thick. I'm not really sure if there's a market, but if I like 'em so much, there must surely be a few like-minded folks.