01 May 2012

Now, Where was I...?

So, I figure that if I publish 8.3 photos a day I will be paying the low, low price of a penny per photograph. What else can you buy for a penny?...and what do kids do in place of penny candy? I used to love to go to Vick's, the creaky old corner store of my childhood. He had an ancient oak and glass  candy counter and behind it were dozens of choices...peach stones and mary janes, licorice and pretzel rods...all it took was one quart bottle with a deposit on it and you could fill your pocket! But, I digress...

I spent today slowly going through the pots from the firing, parsing the results from my latest effort. I could have used more heat, but it really was worth taking a chance to change things up. There are lots of tasty pots and some of the large vases are really quite excellent.
Second Chamber

Second Chamber
First Chamber
Large Planter.
21" high 
24" high

Turn this pot inside out!

A rare mishap in this firing. There were very few seconds at all!
Bread Plates
Extra large teapot


cookingwithgas said...

a penny for your thoughts?
Maybe a penny for your pictures.
You know I have a weakness for round, fat sweet jars and you have filled that want in me.
I want.
The firing looks grand.

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like a great firing. Another one in a month?

A. Bear said...

your big pots look fantastic!

gz said...

very satisfying

Hannah said...

Yippeee you're back!! Good stuff. Pots look fab,. like Meredith the fat round jars do make me want to reach out and pick them up.
Big fat teapot is a corker!
We need to make some plans soon boyo. I'll be in touch.

Mr. Young said...

Sweet firing!

smartcat said...

Beautiful firing. That firing goof looks so funky I would keep it......something from the Dr. Who universe! I am absolutely in love with the teapot!

Carolyn S. said...

ditto what they said. Beautiful stuff Dan! I want that sweet big plant pot, the black one with the sgraffito. For some reason the dictionary doesn't like that word. I think I spelled it correctly.

Joe Troncale said...


Betsy C said...

Tasty and toasty indeed! Love them all as usual, another beautiful firing Dan! Makes me homesick. I will have to schedule a visit for later this summer. Best wishes to all at Libertytown.

Frank said...

Sweet Dan.. Uploaded couple more pictures to my Picasa album.. https://picasaweb.google.com/116325318927347770789/DanSPlace

gallagherpots said...

that 'mishap' is spectacular!

Joan Limbrick said...

These pots stop me in my tracks. Fabulous fruits of your labor. Looks like the mug was being filled right before your opened the door. :) Joan