09 June 2012

Under Attack!

One of the many pleasures of my studio in the woods is getting to watch the birds. This is the first studio I've had without a cat or three so I can feed the birds with impunity! My feeders are morphing into a bit of a sculpture right outside the window from my wheel. 
I was dismayed and puzzled last week to find everything knocked asunder and I could only imagine that a storm had caught ahold of it, but it kept happening and things were strewn in a very un-wind-like way!
I borrowed this great motion sensitive camera from Jason G. and below are the culprits! The little S.O.B's destroyed my little English phone booth feeder last night.
Now that I know the enemy, I can make a plan to thwart them!
But that's not all!!!
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Boots is on the trail!
Google won't let me show you this photo right-side up, but long time readers have heard me report on the pottery-eating mice in my studio in the past!  Below is more evidence...I never know when they'll take a bite!


Barbara Rogers said...

You win the prize at variety of pests...if there is one. The mice take the "clay" is a new one on me. I'm laughing out loud. Sorry about that. But I love the phone booth feeder! I hope you have some racoon proof ideas offered from fellow bloggers (or someone).

Dennis Allen said...

I suspected coons from the start but the dog was a surprise.

mudheartpottery said...

what a menagerie you have. My pottery is always under attack from the myriad of wasp varieties we have in this hot climate. You would think with buckets of lovely clay sitting everywhere they would leave the greenware alone.

cookingwithgas said...

your place is happening! What a wild party the kids are having when you are away.
Mice eating clay- that one is new on me.
Good luck with figuring out a good way to keep the feeders safe- electric fence?

Hollis Engley said...

Racoons will raise hell with anything. I love the motion-sensitive camera ... maybe we can use it on our groundhog. Which apparently does not eat pots.

Ron said...

Wow. Caught in the act!