05 November 2012

John Glick Bowl

When I was a young lad, just discovering that there was a world where people made a living working with clay, there were very few 'role models' for life outside of Academia.  John Glick was one of the very few that I was aware of back in the 70's and he continues to make wonderful pots with distinctive character today. When I first started writing this blog he contacted me out of the blue to compliment me on my work. That was a big deal for me...and a completely random act of kindness!
I just bought this bowl of his on EBAY and I'm really happy to be able to hold it in my hands and imagine something green in it. I'm on a cabbage kick at the moment.
Other potters that I knew back then: Cynthia Bringle (I took a workshop with her in 1976!), Dave Shaner and Byron Temple. Who else?


John Bauman said...

He was one of my early pottery heroes. One of the thrills of my pottery life was having an image of my bowl right next to an image of one of his bowls on a page in the Robin Hopper "Functional Pottery" book. It made me feel irrationally important.

Ron Deaver said...

Dan, Thanks for your efforts and your time. It is enriching to me. Ron

Ron Deaver said...

Thanks Dan for your efforts and time. It is enriching to me. Ron