02 August 2008

Historic Wood

Carole Garman teaches art at the U. of Mary Washington here in the 'Burg and she joined close to 400 other visitors to LibertyTown last night for our August 'First Friday' reception. This month's show includes some of the finest woodworkers in our community. Carole is sitting in Larry Hinkel's 'Chaise Lounge', made from old crib dam wood. We blew up the big dam on the Rappahanock River a few years ago, and the old wooden dam was discovered submerged behind it. The wood is a beautiful silvery gray color and is much coveted by local furniture makers.

Frank Stepanski's wood turnings, Bill Jewell's furniture and an incredible rocking chair by Hal Taylor are also featured this month. Hal's chair is also made from historical wood...walnut from a tree that grew next to the whiskey still at Mt. Vernon.
12 times a year the arts community invites the the town out for a celebration that has become an important social event for many of us. After a four hour reception, we still have to get out the cattle prods to make our visitors go home. They'd probably stay all night if we were willing!

First Fridays' always bring my pottery making to a screeching halt so today I'll try to get some momentum back.

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jls said...

Sounds like a wonderful show. Is there a place where I can look at pictures of the turnings and furniture? Thanks