10 February 2009

An Off Day

I went to the studio today with a few specific ideas in mind...to make an even taller bottle (10lb) than the last few and some wide lidded jars. My ideas of form are classic and simple, but I have fun by exploring different variations of those themes. I want the bottles long and lean these days, and I had it in mind to make the jars broad based and 'husky', but, while they are all interesting, most didn't really meet the mental picture I started with. It got me to thinking about sports and accomplished athletes at the top of their game. In spite of peak conditioning and great experience, a player like Kobe Bryant can score 61 points one night and 28 the next. The skill is the same, but any number of other forces can alter his game. Today felt like a 28 pointer for me. Does every pot have to be inspired? I'll take a look again tomorrow, but I was off my game today. My theory is that I started with a giant pot without warming up with some smaller ones. But who knows, it could have been the wind.

Here are the first two pieces joined...3lb on top of 4lbs, firmed up with a torch between sections.

Capping with the 3rd section...another 3lbs.

The finished bottle.


Joe and Christy said...

28 points is pretty good! better luck tomorrow, though, getting what you are going for!


Hollis Engley said...

Looks pretty good for someone off his game, Daniel. But we all have days like that ...

carter gillies said...

One of the most valuable insights I received in grad school came from a painting instructor who was isnvolved in teaching an interdisciplinary seminar for the clay students. His comment to us was that he never sat down to create art without "primming the will". It was interesting to hear that even this talented artist required some effort at preparation to stimulate his best results at art making. Of course it could involve anything from a cup of coffee, to listening to your favorite music, but I felt it interesting that he recognized his own limitations in being able to create on the spur of the moment. As a proffessional potter who has truly mastered his craft such hedging of bets may not always be necessary, but I like your idea of doing some low presure warm up pots on occasion. I always recomend this strategy to my students and use it myself when I know the odds are probably against me. I wonder if Kobe was wearing his 'special socks' for the 61? I suppose it is ok for both artists and athletes to have a little superstition at times. Good luck!