15 February 2009

Photography Stew

I grew up in the land of snow, but here in Virginia it is a rare thing. It is even rarer in England , but this winter has been an exception. Georgie, here, often gives Toff his making list and on this day asked him to make a snow jug...that led to the teapot. They are handsome...just outside the showroom in Conderton.

Over the years I've been drawn and painted and photographed by lots of folks in lots a ways. It's the big beard factor, I suppose. Anyway, here's a new approach. Mathew Seaver using sponge and water on a canvas covered table (Matt is the son of Elizabeth, our Artist-in-Residence at LTown).

This is a sneak preview of my newest project...'The Alphabet Forest'! Where else did you think that words came from?


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I've heard you describe the alphabet forest--great to see the pictures!

klineola said...

I'd love to read that forest! Since books come from trees, I guess you're write about the alphabet ! Oh I mean right, right?

Also, I don't think I've ever seen a snow jug or teapot. Another first for the pottery bloggery!

How's the beard anyway? Has it been cleared, or smeared, lately?