02 December 2009

Our December Extravaganza!

Everyone at LibertyTown has been busy preparing for the last of our First Friday openings of the year (everyone, that is, but me!). Susan Wyatt spent days rearranging the Emporium with a new (for us) idea and it looks great. Elizabeth, Beth and Aline are putting up the "Small Works" exhibition by our very own artists and our 5th?/6th? annual student pottery sale commences on Friday evening as well. I was 'under the knife' last month and this will be my first public appearance since then.
I have a lot of pots from last May's firing which I'm showing for the first time. Some have been to England and back, some were made in England this summer, and some spent a couple of months in West Virginia. Oh, and a whole bunch went to NY and back as well. Think of the stories they have to tell!!!

Nicky Cymrot

Stephanie Tomkins

Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers

Jonathan's Spoons

Chris Light - woodturning


Hannah said...

Wooden spoons! Fabulous, i love wooden spoons.
Your display looks great.Hope you have a great time at the show.

Hollis Engley said...

That looks like it was a great show, Daniel. I should come shop at the spoon guy's place some time. We had a very good day yesterday, the kiln-opening and all, but got your storm overnight and have cancelled the day's activities. Good, actually, so I can watch the Pats-Bills game.
Care to wager?
I'm drinking these days from two new mugs, both of yours from the CC Potters' auction. The carbon=trapped shino one is my new Coffee Obsession morning mug. All for now. H.

Elizabeth said...

Small Works was ooutstanding htis year and it ws wonderful to see such an amazing collection of your work, amaassed it made quite a show!!! It was also nice to see that so man of the Small works sold!!!! The Emporium seesm to be becoming a real hit around town as well!!! I certainl do appreciate your having my work there!!