26 November 2010

More Photos of the Fledglings

From 3 1/4" to 6" tall
I've had very little time to inspect pots and I'm hoping to get an early start tomorrow. but I did have some time to take a few more photos of the wee ones. I'm pleased with these photos, but as always, they can be better. I think I need to adjust the 'white balance' of my camera (help, John!) because the white foreground turns to this cream color. And I have to paint the walls white  because of a crazy green that the dark glazes pick up. Are you bothered by the hotspots?

And check out Charle's comments from my last blog about ETSY and John Bauman wrote an entire blog response that added some great thinking about the site and selling online. Well worth the time.
Tomorrow: Poker tournament!

It's a bird...no, it's a salt shaker...no, it's two. it's two. it's two pots in one!
Rear view


John Tilton said...

Hey Dan,

These photos look good to me. I sent the one of the multiple boid's to Anne so she could see them last night. But I have to admit that I am color blind and not really able to see nuances.

As far as white balance goes, mostly your camera will do it automatically but what I do is get a gray card and aim the camera at it and then take a photo of the card with the strobes using the instructions in my camera's manual to set white balance. Since I bounce the lights off of a slightly magenta ceiling, white balance is important for me.

John Bauman said...

I'm smitten. I love these things (I've shared them with my friends on a music forum and they loved 'em as well).

If they were something I'd made and had just unloaded out of the kiln, I wouldn't get anything done for two days -- I just be staring at them.

When I'm lucky enough to fire something like that, and I find myself walking out to the kiln (yet again) for another look, I'll often bring 'em into the work area so I can peek at 'em all day as I work.

The birds are just that wonderful.

Color balance: I copied the three birds into photoshop and, using the center eyedropper on the "curves" (IMAGE > ADJUST > CURVES) and clicked it around the backdrop until I got a fairly neutral gray to the foreground. Though the whole thing came out cooler, the colors popped on the birds (the fella on the left has a blue head?).

Dennis Allen said...

Holy crap those are some good lookin' birds.

Tracey Broome said...

Beautiful birds Dan, and I have really enjoyed the Etsy conversation. I had pretty much decided against it, because my feelings were very much in line with yours, but I think John made a very persuasive argument and I spent sometime yesterday exploring Etsy a bit more. You were right, blogging at it's best!

Linda Starr said...

that last bird almost looks like he has a cone for a top notch.

Unknown said...

Dan, the pots are great and the firing sounds like it was a joy.

Arte CerĂ¢mica Zen said...

Fantastic artworks!!!