21 November 2010

Now, the Long Wait...

We finished firing 23 hours ago and even after a 10 hour sleep I am feeling depleted. I wonder how many calories are burned, how many electrolytes are consumed, how much weight might be lost? Where's that personal trainer, chef and masseuse when you need them? 
Michael Littlefield and Luke tending the fire. As I was figuring out how to set the proper amount of reduction, Michael asked  how we were doing on the 'deduction'!

After 8 firings I approached #9 with a lot more calm and confidence. It takes a while to really understand how all the various bits and pieces fit together to make the kiln machine perform at it's best. There is still much to understand, but I've put all the different 'tools' through their paces and know their basic characteristics now. By 'tools' I mean the active and passive dampers, the primary, secondary (and tertiary!) air, and the firebox itself.  
 I also have some great friends and assistants who have served their 'apprenticeship' and are now serious stokers. (I almost wrote 'professionals' but then I'd have to pay them!) Except for the early morning hours which I now spend by myself I barely put a log on the fire anymore. Beth and Elliot, Michael and Dayton and Luke and Bill Harris and Karen all pitched in and their help and knowledge make things easier. I can pay attention to the fire itself and make the adjustments that are needed.    The weather was absolutely GLORIOUS all week long and is supposed to continue through Tuesday's unloading. I got a quick peek in this morning and there look to be some treasures as well as some brown pots which are my speciality. In pursuit of overall reduction I may be toasting the top too much. So much more to learn!

    It was really nice to hear from so many of you commentators on my last entry. No one knows what this is all about like you fellow travelers... how much of our labor, our head and our heart are invested
as we strive for our own particular idea of beauty. I always appreciate your thoughts and reactions.

A spyhole in the first chamber. Camera flash off.
Same spyhole with camera flash on. Where'd all the heat go?
Nice ash on the shoulder. And excellent placement of the salt shaker, eh?


Anna M. Branner said...

I know its been said before, but its like waiting for Christmas! Glad the firing went smoothly.

ang design said...

deduction love it!!! hope the unload is full of treasures..