30 December 2010

Whynot Pottery Visits Fredericksburg!

It was so great to meet Meredith and Mark today...they are on an extended holiday journey and kindly included us in their plans (and returned pots from the blog show). I gave them the full-on tour which includes a walk through LibertyTown, lunch next door at Primavera and then the 11 mile drive out of town to my country studio. We had a lovely day and conversation came easy... a lifetime spent making things means that we have so much common ground to compare...and contrast. They live amidst close to 100 other potteries in the Seagrove area and have had the chance to rub shoulders with lots of other wonderful potters. My pottery connections are few as I've spent most of the last 30 years selling my pots right here in the 'Burg. Fun to talk about the pluses and minuses of each lifestyle. I'm happy to live in a world where there isn't a potter around every corner, it means my world is full of interesting and different folks. But I miss having a community of potters to interact with sometimes (this is where a blog is a very useful thing).
Anyway, now I know why Hollis and Dee found M & M such good company. Thanks for the visit, I look forward to seeing your place sometime soon!
Pottery Security - don't leave home without it!
Meredith and Mark in front of my kiln.


Hollis Engley said...

I envy you their visit, Daniel. We've got to get them up here to the Cape at some point. Good folks, aren't they?

FetishGhost said...

You guys are a hoot! Might be my imagination but those two did seem to be warming-up rather well to your kiln though... they are smiling mighty big.

ang design said...

heheheh great pic :))

Linda Starr said...

They do seem to be warming up to the kiln, crazy and great photos

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Dan- love the picture!
You did get your post up first!
Mark and I talked all the way to C'ville about how much we enjoyed our visit with you and what you have accomplished in your years in Fredericksburg.
We really believe you are the luckiest Potter around.
Love the place, the artist we met and most of all the connection we made with you.
You and your place were still in our thoughts as we traveled home today.
We hope to see you in the spring when the gang comes over.
Thank you!

cookingwithgas said...

PS- guys it was cold out there and if the heat was on we would have crawled inside!

Anonymous said...

hi dan, that's a badass pic of you three. sounds like a fun time all the way round. happy new year