30 January 2014

A Winter Post

Last night's sunset
    I had hoped to show you a few short films from the studio, but as is too often the case, Blogger won't cooperate. This seems fitting as I am about to move from this platform to wordpress. I am having a very sweet new website built by Adam Desio that we should have ready in a few weeks. Adam is a very talented artist in his own right and I'm excited with what he's done so far. I seem to always be a bit behind the times, but this new site will connect all of my social media stuff to my website and I will be adding a shop for all of you folks desperate to buy my work!? He's encouraged me to join Pinterest which I just did, so more photos will be forthcoming. Just in case you don't already spend too much time on your computer..
My studio door!
I grew up in Buffalo,NY and I still love it when we get a bit of winter here in ol' Virginny, but it has slowed me down and giving my a major cold so I'm happy to see the big thaw coming this week-end. I just finished over 100 big mugs and next will be a bunch of smaller ones. But, for the evening it's beer and poker...there's more than one way to pay the bills!
Snow lobster?
The squirrels are great athletes.


Anna M. Branner said...

I saw you joined Pinterest...who'd a thought. ;) Can't wait to see what the talented Adam comes up with for you!

cookingwithgas said...

Oh, me too. I call it pinyourasstoachair.
I'm ready to thaw out.
Poker, deal me in.