19 October 2008


2 chambers.
16 pounds of salt.
20 hour firing.
12 hours of sleep.

I'm happy to report that ol' #5 went very smoothly. Jay and Rabah took the nighttime shift and once again did an admiral job of coaxing the slow rise that is essential to the care and feeding of my raw fired pots. I had a few fitful hours of sleep and then was joined by Beth and Matt who soldiered on for the rest of the day. It continued to be perfect weather...warm in the sun and 60 in the shade.

The rhythms and pace of the kiln have remained pretty regular, which gives me confidence as I continue to fiddle and tweak it.
(sounds like an English pub: "lets have a pint at the Fiddle and Tweak")

The bottom of the wood chamber seems much improved. I need to rebuild the collection box between the salt chamber and the chimney. I somehow blew up the big sculpture in the salt chamber!?! That's been bugging me ever since. I'm staying away today. Feeling pretty brain dead so I'm looking after some household chores, drinking good tea and watching a little football.

I'll bring you a sneak peek tomorrow. Unloading is Tuesday. Here's hoping!

Log book: before.

Log book: after.

Miss Ellie Bird, presiding.

Beth and Matt stoking the 2nd chamber.

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Hollis Engley said...

Just got back from doing the (freezing and windy) Wellfleet OysterFest show, so thought I'd drop in and see how the firing went. I'm eager to see tomorrow's peek at it, so don't delay that, Daniel. Best of luck with it.
(Oh, and we're over the Sox loss last night and have become newborn Phillies fans.)