06 October 2008

Firing Graph

As firing #5 approaches I am trying to get a little more focused on kilns and fire. I fired a small gas kiln about twice a month for most of 25 years. I could fill the kiln and be firing in 10 days if I needed to. It takes 2-3 months now to fill this kiln and I feel a little disconnected to firing with such a big gap. Plenty of time to forget whatever I might have learned the last time!
Today I took a little time to make a graph of the last firing. I wanted to see where I might make changes. The left hand column is in degrees F. in 100 degree increments, and the bottom represents each passing hour. It was a 20 hour firing. I want to lengthen the firing 2-4 hours and you can see here where the climb is a bit steep so that's where I'll be paying particular attention. The second red line is the salt chamber. So far, I am more satisfied with it's results than the wood chamber. Lots to learn.

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