27 October 2008

Palin Nation

As I write this, the republican faithful are gathering in the park just a block from LibertyTown and two from my home. I just took a walk around the perimeter, vaguely uneasy that people would think I was there to support her (NOT!). I headed out with my red Nationals' baseball cap until I realized that that is the color of the day (or else pink). Obama was here a few weeks ago, so there is a certain balance in our world. It is hard to believe that anyone could possibly think that she is fit to serve, and it is hard not to be depressed by the fact that so many do. (And they are all here, right outside my door!).
The best news to report is that I hardly recognized any one in line, and the few I did know were no surprise at all. I'm not staying for her speech; I'd rather be in my studio, getting ready for winter, which seems to be coming quickly this year.


Jen Mecca said...

Thanks for the funny post. I would be runny as well if they where right in my backyard. I'm glad I am not the only one to post my political "fears" on a blog.

Alex Solla said...

Makes you just kind of want to round them all up and subject them to some sort of police brutality doesnt it?

Then again, that would take time and energy away from the studio!

John Tilton said...

Hi Dan,

I wish I had your email but since I do not I would like to take this time and space on your blog to invite you to my new one. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and hopefully you will enjoy mine.


Please send me your email too. I'm at john@tiltonpottery.com



Oh yes, I agree with Alex. Hopefully we will be happy campers after the final tally is in.