04 February 2009


I finished slipping and glazing all of the wee bottles and then threw a dozen 4 pounders 'cause this is my newest obsession. I have to force myself to make other things, but this is what I'm most excited about lately. We would call these 'Cider Jars' at Winchcombe, especially if they had a spigot at the base. Turning fruit(pears, apples, grapes, rhubarb(rhubarbs?), parsnips et al) into alcohol is a noble and ancient craft and there was a time when we potters were essential to the preservation, distribution and serving of that elixer. I wish it were still true. Hopefully these will all find homes in spite of their archaic roots. I'm going to make one more batch of large ones soon. I've been carving more face sprigs at night. Good fun.

And, of course, miss Ellie Bird Cymrot, looking too cute.


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

The pots are great, but Miss Ellie takes the cake! Cute!

Dan Finnegan said...

Thanks, Patricia. that little girl is my therapy baby...any visit from her washes away all the world's troubles.

Pat Finnegan said...

You will have to save us a bottle...we will be visiting you and DC at Easter! (At which time we will empty many bottles...)