07 February 2009

Young Fredericksburg Exhibition

Another First Friday means another exhibition opening at LibertyTown and last night's event was wonderful. This is the 4th year we've invited the young artists of Fredericksburg to show in our gallery and each year it gets better. (Bill Harris curates this one. There was a time I thought of him as a 'young artist"!) Originally it was intended to be a show for college students, but we've found more enthusiasm from high school and even middle school kids and now we welcome them all. It's great to see all the families who come and support the young artists. Lots of positive energy all evening long. We had more than 400 visitors!
I love the big handbuilt pots that come from Carter Corbin's students and there are some great fish from Mirinda Reynolds' class inspired by Neal Reed. (how's that for name dropping?)

I'm not sure if I've introduced Miss Moneypenny, but here she is in all her athletic glory. She somehow gets atop the door and sits perched for quite some time. It's a lot warmer there as the ceilings are low. I think of 'Snoopy' as the vulture...waiting for unsuspecting prey. Johnny Johnson's painting in the background.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
What a great way to have young artists share their art and expose them to other art.

Do you or Bill Harris have information that you can share on organizing such an event (getting the word out, selection process, etc)?

Jen Mecca said...

That is a great cat you got there!jen

Linda Starr said...

Cats love high places, my cats regularly climb up anything accessible.

Mirinda said...

That IS some good name-dropping! Once again, you've made a lasting impression on my students that art is not only accessible, but something to to take great pride in sharing. Thank you.