19 March 2009

Cape Workshop Report

I got home early this morning from a wonderful visit with the Cape Cod Potters. Michael Giaquinto and his staff did a fantastic job of arranging the almost 300 pieces in the show. I gave a speech at the Museum in conjunction with the exhibition that I judged for them. It gave me the chance to talk about why pottery belongs in Art Museums and why it might be that it is a rare thing. Maybe I'll post some of it later. I then gave a two day demonstration workshop for a lovely group. I really enjoy the chance to meet with fellow enthusiasts and from all reports, the attendees got their moneys' worth! I like the challenge of teaching and entertaining at the same time and to that end I tell a lot of stories about my English training as well as giving some insight into my 30 years of making pots. It is still a bit odd to reflect on what is now a fairly long career as a potter, but it certainly provides fodder for telling tall tales.

Some of the enthusiastic workshop group.


I made the trip back home in a day, with a brief stop in Port Chester, NY to meet up with my old assistant, Andrew Coombs. Andrew is Artist-in Residence at the Clay Center there and we had a great visit. I got a tour of center, had a nice conversation with the director, Rina Kashyap and an excellent meal before getting back on the road. This is Andrew in his studio. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can get a better look at the sweet pots he is making these days.


Incognito said...

I am so glad you're home and that you got to meet with Andrew while traveling. His pots are wonderful and so different from what he was doing while in town. I miss Andrew! I loved sharing my lunch with him.

Anna M. Branner said...

Andrew's pots ARE different. But good as usual. Glad you got to catch up with him.

klineola said...

It's good to see Andrew C! Glad you had a good trip.

Hollis Engley said...

A good report, Daniel. Great workshop, as always. People are still talking about it. By the way, two packages will be coming your way. Toby found the little Rubbermaid pitcher and is sending it. Dee found your orange shirt hanging in your room, so I'll be sending that. All for now.