02 March 2009

Kilnus Interruptus

I had a tight window of opportunity to get a firing in between my trip to England and my trip to New England and I was excited about seeing some of the last weeks' work finished. But the gods have conspired to thwart me....7"-8" of snow last night and car trouble means that I need a new plan. It'll have to wait. I'm not happy about that....
Still the snow is absolutely lovely, the light fluffy stuff that piles up quickly. I started to shovel the lot at LibertyTown, but happily paid a guy with a little bucket truck to clear it all. I spent my childhood shoveling snow. I'm not too keen on it anymore.

I set aside each layer of the kiln in my studio before I actually load it. It saves time when loading and lets me know that I have the right mix of pots. This is the bottom layer of the salt chamber. I usually put planters there.

After the last firing I covered the firebox end with two layers of fiber paper to seal it from sucking air. The hard brick left an interesting pattern.
My kiln has a 'gasket' made of this stuff, with a layer between the inside and outside rows of brick. It is mighty tight!

My back yard on Winchester Street.


LibertyTown in purple and white.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I did imagine you moving piles of the white stuff in front of LT today. Glad you had help.

Sorry to hear you'll have to put off your firing.

Incognito said...

The backyard shots are great; the snowy one is pure art.