21 December 2009

Winter Wallop

Usually I'm irritated by the instantaneous title awarded by the TV media to every storm that comes our way...it makes each event seem like a chapter in a rather lurid romance novel after a while. But the Weather Channel has called the lovely snowfall that we just got a 'Wallop' and I like that word plenty. It has a great sound...wallop. I even looked it up...it has to do with great force.
I've been taking it easy for 6 weeks now, but with 12"-18" in our part of the world this weekend, everyone else has had to slow down , too. It has hurt our business in a big way, but Nature has spoken and I've been enjoying this taste of serious winter just the same.
I miss writing here but my days have been pretty event free. I'm feeling much improved, though, and even did a little shoveling which was fine.
I have been doing some serious baking and liked this funny pattern of cookies over a teatowel.

The cutouts in the foreground have anise and sesame...subtle and perfect with tea.
The round ones in the background are peanut butter with chocolate kisses.

My sweet home in the snow...the fireplace has been cranking thanks to Tom and Shannon and Michael!

Miss Moneypenny.

Great drifts of snow.

Herself in silhouette, trying to figure it out.


Hollis Engley said...

Much the same up here, Daniel. The storm took out our second day of sales, but I think enough people anticipated the storm so that they all came on Saturday, which was a great day of sales. And Sunday let Dee, Gus and I share a bottle of Cava and OJ (mimosas) and then I got to watch the Bills wallop the Patriots ... no, wait ... no ... I think the Patriots won. I'll have to look that up to be sure.

klineola said...

We lost power here about 15 minutes after Evelyn wanted to pretend and use candles. It amazed me how quiet our house was with nothing "plugged in". What a great reminder how fragile a house of cards our electronic world we play in is.

I'm so glad to hear about you shoveling snow and baking cookies. Glad to hear of your return to health and wellness.

It's these simple things I wish for this year, er, oh, and a new ipod, too.

;-0 ho, ho

Anna M. Branner said...

Hope you took it easy with the shoveling....Greg and I managed to shovel out and head to Williamsburg for G's work. Not really looking forward to coming back to it tomorrow! But gotta get going on the Empty Bowls. (Oh and the PB and chocolate kiss cookies are G's all time favorite.)

doug Fitch said...

I think Winchcombe has snow,much of the UK is at a standstill, just frost here in tropical Devon. Those cookies look mighty tasty

Incognito said...

Seeing the cookies here and then tasting today was a real treat; LOVED the anise and sesame seed shortbreads (reminded me a little of the benne wafers one finds in Charleston). The real surprise was the spicy cookie, which, to tell you the truth, I did not care for at first. But, as I ate more of the cookie, the taste really grew on me. I hope that you might share your recipes when you have time. Thank you for the sustenance today; I needed it to get through.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Well, the customers and artists made short work of the offerings you left at the desk yesterday. Lots of "MMMMMM's" heard all around.

We had a very nice number of folks in to finish their shopping yesterday and can only hope that we see the same today.

See you soon!

As you know, my favs are the spicy crackers (mmmmm!)

Hannah said...

blimey thats some snow, nice to slow down isn't it. It's good for us I think in some ways.

Anonymous said...

oh man, those cookies with the hershey's kiss in the middle send me back to my childhood. my sisters used to make those and i would eat them until i got sick.

soubriquet said...

Also, in english, slightly outdated slang, Beer! Whatever the house beer is, undefined, "A pint of wallop for me"
Not so very far from Winchcombe, maybe seventy miles south, are the villages of the Wallops, Over Wallop, Middle Wallop, and Nether Wallop.

Have a walloping good new year!