19 February 2010

40 by 4

I still can't get a pot made before noon, but just a few minutes after that I cranked up the satellite radio and turned on the Honda generator (or vice versa) and threw 40 bowls in less than 4 hours.  It's a real good batch, made with 2 lbs. of clay and just a little bigger than the last time. It felt great to fall so easily into that semi-conscious and I'm still kind of reveling in the feeling while I sit here hours later. There was a time when I made big lots of pots all the time...multiples of 50 and 100. Times have changed as has the way I work. And my tiny studio can only cope with so much wet work at a time so I ended the day by throwing some parts to assemble as they are much slower to finish. One advantage of my cold studio is no 'chasing plastic'...everything dries slowly. That's particularly nice because I slip and glaze everything raw. 
 I was outside getting rid of some tea I had drunk earlier and saw two adult bald eagles chaperoning a teenager right overhead! They were gone in a flash, but low in the sky and traveling together closely like they were out on a school field trip.


Anonymous said...

You're a machine.
Those bowls are awesome, great job.

Anna M. Branner said...

You're definitely back. :)

Hollis Engley said...

Busy man. Nice looking bunch of bowls there, Daniel. When do you anticipate firing?

klineola said...

I was getting rid of some coffee this evening and saw a beautiful moon whose shape was a lot like one of those bowls!

I've not seen any bald eagles here in the mts. But saw a couple in Mass. years ago. It was a beautiful sight. One that I shared with my neighbors, as we stood there looking on with jaws dropped as the birds flew 'round.

cookingwithgas said...

Impressive bunch of bowls there.
We too use to work larger, cranking out pots like there was no tomorrow.
Now, I like a slower pace.
Less pots but more fulfilling.

Mark- can lose the liquids like you guys, but it is a little walk over to the house for me.
If I am lucky I see the Osprey who hunt on our pond.
Mark once saw bald eagles on our pond. Don't you love the treats of mother nature!

Anonymous said...

i couldn't even do 12 by 12, there's no way 40 in 4 hours. i do like that semi-conscious state though

cindy shake said...

Holy Cow! You were a working machine! And look how lovely all the work is uniform -wonderful. The eagles were Mother Nature's treat for all your efforts!