21 February 2010

Odds and Ends

It's been a rare snow-free week and now the big melt is underway. In the city, everything is turning black and mushy, while out at the studio it is turning brown and slushy. We've all grown a bit tired of it.
Just the same, I'm still grooving in the studio and really enjoying it. Bowls are being trimmed and slipped and more birds and trees are lurking.
    The first three photos show some of my tiles in use at LibertyTown...filling in gaps, calling attention to a step and surrounding some utility sinks.

Here are some of the ovals after they've been slipped, glazed and decorated. I'm doing a number of line blends with decorating slips this time around.

And here's a rather atmospheric photo of a bowl after turning/trimming. I like these thin foam pads...very kind to rims.
Michael was thinking out loud in a recent blog about  handles and bowls and I promised a photo of a Winchcombe pot with a nice solution to that question. Shaped a bit like a beavertail it is applied to a lidded soup pot (sorry I didn't shoot the lid). This is one of Sid Tustin's. There happen to be a bunch for sale on Ebay right now.


Ron said...
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klineola said...

thanks Dan. That's a nice beaver bowl! Now I can get to work on those bowls of mine. Phew! It's hard to catch up with all of this plastic.

Ron said...

Ha. Got you message Dan. Funny I caught you at that moment. I deleted my post. Really do love that pitcher, may have a go at one sometime.

cindy shake said...

Wonderful use of your tiles in the photos!

Anonymous said...

ovals are looking good, i wish i had one of those foam pads. probably be easy to find