09 April 2010

3/4-Food Show 2010

The Food Show is our longest running competitive exhibition and continues to be a big hit with our visitors. The gallery show includes 45 entries and Ariel Freeman won first place for her fantastic watercolor full of apples.
On opening night we also have a competition for the best artwork made from food which is judged and eaten by our guests. It is a whole lot of fun.
We also provide a space for the local Food Bank to raise funds and they were VERY pleased to raise more than $700.00! Well done, friends...
 This piece could have been entered in either show!
These pears of Carol Josefek's are juicy!
This is not the first time that Kathy Harrigan has honored me in baked goods! The ultimate compliment from our dear friend.
Ariel can also create in three dimensions!
This was the "People's Choice"! Way to go, Sharon!
These are cupcake owls made by our intern from UMW...a giant hit with the 7 year old set.

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ariel freeman said...

Delicious! And the night was fun too. Glad to hear so much was raised for the food bank.